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Regretfully, very often commercial motor carriers use threats, fraud and coercion to control truck drivers who work for them. Additionally, many trucking companies take adverse actions against cdl drivers. Carriers make threats, intimidate and blacklist truckers if they do not want to pay them or want to pay them less. Next, it is not uncommon for trucking companies to force truck drivers to violate hours of service violations. Greedy commercial motor carriers make truck drivers to drive more and to sleep less. If a truck driver does not agree, a carrier does not pay the driver. Finally, in Illinois, a lot of truck drivers recently came to the United States. They work hard to support their families and to put bread on the table every day. Some of those drivers still learning English. Greedy trucking companies use that to their advantage. Again, they lie about terms of contracts or they simple do not sign contracts with truck drivers.

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Illinois law sets higher standards for commercial drivers. In the first place, if a CDL driver drives a truck, the alcohol concentration cannot be 0.04 or greater. For a regular driver, this concentration is 0.08. Every DUI case has 2 parts. First, the driver’s criminal case. If a CDL drivers pleads guilty to a DUI, he will face a one year of disqualification of his driving license. It does not matter whether a CDL driver gets a court supervision for a DUI or not. If a CDL driver admits that he drove intoxicated, his license will be disqualified. Next, some time after the DUI arrest, the Secretary of State suspends driver’s privileges. However, if a driver is a CDL, his commercial driver’s license will be disqualified for a year. Thus, a CDL driver must fight two uphill battles to get his license back and to keep the job. As you could see, without experienced legal help it will be impossible.

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Truck drivers drive large and powerful vehicles. Because of this, Illinois law holds commercial drivers to a higher standard of liability for traffic offenses. If a truck driver receives too many traffic tickets, this driver can lose the professional license. Additionally, trucking companies do not like to hire CDL drivers who have bad driving record.

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