Get Personal Attention to Your Case by Chicago and Illinois Russian Speaking Family Lawyer

Going through a divorce can be an intimidating experience. Usually, it drains your emotional and financial resources. Additionally, it feels like that it will last forever and you will have to go to court for the rest of your life. That is not true! To avoid that, you need an attorney who could listen to your story, explain you the law, fight for you in court and who is not going to cost you a fortune. Chicago and Illinois Russian speaking family lawyer Maksim Tikhvinskiy is the attorney who you need!

Invest in Your Future by Hiring Chicago and Illinois Russian speaking family lawyer Tikhvinskiy

When you hire a family law attorney, you invest in your future. Invest wisely. Hire Chicago and Illinois family and divorce lawyer Maksim Tikhvinskiy. First, he understands that you story matters. Attorney Tikhvinskiy understands that family cases are very sensitive. He does not take any chances and takes time to understand what you want. Second, you will be able to talk to him in your native language and will fully understand complicated Illinois family law. Next, attorney Tikhvinskiy is an experienced trial lawyer who in different courts in Chicago and all over Illinois.

Chicago and Illinois Russian Speaking Family Lawyer Who Provides Affordable Legal Services Without Compromising Clients’ Expectations

Finally, based on your situation, Attorney Tikhvinskiy can offer you different payment plans. In many situations, he will charge you a flat fee. You will clearly understand what you are paying for. If you cannot afford a divorce financially and the other party can, Attorney Tikhvinskiy will work hard to force the other party to pay! As you could see, you will get highest legal services at an affordable price. Your family and divorce legal matters will be resolved, and interests protected.


Family law practice covers all aspects of family relationships. Chicago and Illinois Russian speaking family law attorney will provide you professional representation in every area of family law. Attorney Tikhvinskiy handles all kinds of family cases in Chicago and Illinois. Additionally, he has an extensive background in child abuse and neglect matters. A lot of family and divorce attorneys have never tried complicated child abuse cases. Moreover, Chicago and Illinois Russian speaking family law attorney is experienced in criminal and immigration law as well. As a result, that makes him a unique legal practitioner who will navigate you through the complicated Illinois judicial process. It does not matter whether you need to file for the dissolution of marriage or you are struggling to collect unpaid child support, Attorney Tikhvinskiy will help you! Chicago and Illinois Russian speaking family lawyer practice includes the following areas.

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