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Chicago Russian Speaking Family Lawyer Will Help You and Your Loved Ones Who Are Seeking for Legal Protection

In Illinois, every day, thousands of men, women, children, and families suffer from domestic violence. As I previously wrote, Illinois legislature recognized and addressed that problem. Illinois legislature enacted very strict laws relating to domestic violence. As a result, Illinois law protects victims of domestic violence and severely punishes the abusers. Here, individuals can use Illinois courts to get protection. Often, people believe that the civil court system allows them only to sue for money. However, in Illinois, civil court judges also issue order of protections. Orders of Protection is the documents that is signed by the judge that prohibits a person to engage in certain activities. Thus, if you or your loved ones are suffering from stalking, threats on social media, mental, physical or sexual abuse, Russian Speaking Family Lawyer will help you to get and order of protection.

Orders of Protection in Cook County and in Illinois Explained by Chicago Russian Speaking Family Lawyer

Illinois law recognizes three main categories of orders of protections. First, orders of protections for the victims of domestic violence. Second, stalking no contact orders. Third, restraining orders in family cases. Finally, no-contact orders in criminal cases. Here, I will write about orders of protections for the victims of domestic violence. The Illinois Domestic Violence Act offers victims of domestic violence a remedy to seek orders of protection.

Order of Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence in Illinois

Generally, to get an order of protection, a victim of domestic violence must prove two things. First, that the victim shares the same household with the abuser or the abuser is a family member of the victim. Those definitions are very broad. 750 ILCS 60/103(6) includes spouses, former spouses, parents, children, stepchildren and other persons related by blood or by present or prior marriage, persons who share or formerly shared a common dwelling, persons who have or allegedly have a child in common, persons who share or allegedly share a blood relationship through a child, persons who have or have had a dating or engagement relationship, persons with disabilities and their personal assistants, and caregivers.

Types of Domestic Violence

Under Illinois law, the definition of domestic violence includes different instances of physical abuse as well as a lot of examples of non-physical abuse. As a result, experienced Chicago Russian Speaking Family Lawyer have more possibilities to prove domestic abuse and protect your rights. According to the Illinois Domestic Violence Act, domestic violence includes:

  • Physical abuse;
  • Destroying another’s property;
  • Sexual abuse;
  • Harassment and verbal threats;
  • Threats on social media;
  • Forcing family members to do something;
  • Denying disabled or elderly persons access to proper care.

Consequences of Orders or Protection under Illinois Domestic Violence Act

Orders of protection, when granted by the courts, can prohibit many kinds of behavior. Routinely, courts order persons to stay away and do not contact a victim. Moreover, courts could also order a person to stay away from the residence of the victim or the victim’s place of employment. Next, orders of protections could prohibit a person to contact other people who live with the victim in the same residence. That could include your kids and other relatives. As you could see, an order of protection will leave a mark on your record. Thus, it will ruin your family life and you will not able to see your children. Finally, you will lose your gun rights.

Chicago Russian Speaking Family Lawyer Will Help You

It is always a bad idea to represent yourself in those very serious and complicated order of protection cases. It does not matter whether you are a victim of domestic violence or somebody falsely accused you, Chicago Russian speaking family lawyer will help you. Whether you desperately need an order of protection or you were served with an emergency order of protection, you should contact Chicago Russian speaking family lawyer as soon as possible. Chicago Russian speaking family lawyer represented many people in order of protection cases. Therefore, he has knowledge and experience that is necessary to defend you! Whatever your situation is, contact Chicago Russian speaking family lawyer for a free and confidential consultation at (312) 583-7345.