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Intimidating Experience of Being Charged with Criminal Offense

If you are reading this, probably you or your loved ones has a criminal law problem and you are looking for answers. As a Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney, I handled a wide range of cases from simple misdemeanors to more serious charges of aggravated domestic violence, DUI, felony drug crimes and many other intimidating accusations. I talked to thousands of clients and know how people feel when they have to deal with police investigations and criminal prosecution. Being charged with an offense is worse. People feel scared, shocked and embarrassed when aggressive career prosecutors force them to accept a terrible plea deal. You feel that your life will never be normal again.

Aggressive and Confident Criminal Defense Attorney in Chicago

I created this website exactly for people who found themselves in the situations like this. As a Criminal Defense Attorney in Chicago I helped thousands of people and saved many lives. I saw how desperate people were when they faced criminal charges. I also was very lucky to see how people regained their confidence when they saw how I fought for their future with all my heart and skill to get results they deserve.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Chicago

There is no such thing as a complicated criminal case for me. I limit my practice to criminal law, family law and immigration law. Those three spheres of law are linked to each other. That is why I can see the whole picture and address all your legal issues. Many other lawyers cannot do that. For examples, attorneys who limit their practice only to criminal defense, do not see how criminal cases affect families, visitation. I spend every day strengthening my skills and prepared to defend your rights. Thus, I will provide you with an aggressive personalize defense that would address all legal issues.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Chicago Who Is Always on Your Side

I have always been on the defense side fighting for your freedom. I have always been a criminal defense attorney. I have never been a prosecutor and did not work hard to send people to jail. However, I handled thousands of cases in courts all over Illinois and know exactly how prosecutors think, how they build their cases, what mistakes they make and how to use that in court.

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If you have a criminal law question, you should not try to handle complicated legal matters without the help of a professional, experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney. You should take this problem seriously and seek professional legal representation as soon as possible! Give me a call at (804) 356-5602. The first consultation is free and it is 100% confidential. I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I charge reasonable fees. I always listen to your story, to attentive to the details of your situation and consider your needs. I am zealous in negotiating with the prosecutors. I also provide top quality and aggressive trial performance.

After we talk, you will not need to look any further for a lawyer who will defend your freedom, reputation and future! Do not wait! Your case will not magically disappear! Call now at (804) 356-5602.