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Chicago Possession of Syringes Russian Speaking Attorney
Chicago Possession of Syringes Russian Speaking Attorney

Call Chicago Possession of Syringes Russian Speaking Attorney Tikhvinskiy if You have Questions About Drug Crimes.

Of course, you can get in trouble because of drugs in many ways. Sometimes, you do not even need to have drugs in your possession. For example, a prosecutor can charge you if you possess drug paraphernalia even if you have no drugs on you. Moreover, Chicago possession of syringes Russian speaking attorney Tikhvinskiy warns that Illinois drug laws specify who and how can own hypodermic syringes. Thus, you can face criminal consequences if police find out that you used syringes and needles for illegal drug-related purposes.

Is It Illegal to Owe Hypodermic Syringes in Illinois?

First, under 720 ILCS 635/1, it is illegal for any person under 18 to have hypodermic syringes. Second, any person cannot have more than 100 hypodermic syringes at the same time. Finally, you cannot use hypodermic syringes or needles in your possession to inject control substances. For example, heroin. Thus, if a person uses his syringes for home treatment of diabetes to inject drugs, he is guilty of a criminal offense. Next, 720 ILCS 635/2 prohibits anybody except pharmacists to sell hypodermic syringes or needles. Therefore, Chicago criminal defense attorney Tikhvinskiy warns that you should not give or sell your hypodermic syringes or needles to anybody.

Sanctions for Possessing, Selling or Delivering Hypodermic Syringes and Needles in Illinois.

According to 720 ILCS 635/4, it is always a crime to illegally possess hypodermic syringes and needles. First, the first violation is a Class A misdemeanor. Next, any subsequent violation is a Class 4 felony.

Call Today, There Are Defenses Available to You!

If the State charged you or your loved one with the crime of possession of hypodermic syringes, you should call experienced Chicago possession of syringes criminal defense attorney Tikhvinskiy as soon as possible. Always, he will protect your rights and will fight for you. Usually, there are several defenses available for you. Above all, a prosecutor must prove that you used those syringes to inject drugs. Sometimes, the State will use circumstantial evidence to do that. In those cases, Chicago possession of syringes Russian speaking attorney Tikhvinskiy can cast doubt on the State’s case and beat your charges!

Contact Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy as Soon as Possible!

Remember, the sooner you hire Chicago criminal defense attorney Tikhvinskiy, the easier it is going be for you to beat your drug case. First, Attorney Tikhvinskiy understands Illinois drug laws. Second, he will review your case and will represent you to ensure the best possible outcome. Finally, he understands that criminal representation should not cost you a fortune! The first consultation is always free and 100% confidential! Call (312) 583-7345!

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