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What Is Aggravated Speeding in Illinois?

Every day thousands of Illinois drivers receive their speeding tickets every day. It is a traffic offense to drive several miles above the speed limit. However, Chicago Russian Speaking Aggravated Speeding Lawyer reminds that a driver should take even a simple traffic offense seriously. Additionally, police also stop some drivers who drive very fast – 26 mph or more above posted speed limits. Those motorists face criminal charges for aggravated speeding. Those criminal charges mean tougher penalties for drivers. In Illinois, a driver who exceeds the speed limit from 26 to 34 mph commits a Class B misdemeanor. A person who drives 35 mph or faster could be charged with a Class A misdemeanor aggravated speeding.

Consequences of Aggravated Speeding in Illinois

First, it is a criminal offense. That means that you will have to go to court. It is not a traffic ticket and you cannot just pay it. Next, Class A misdemeanor is the most serious class of misdemeanors in Illinois. The judge could sentence a person who is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor to a year in jail. Chicago Russian Speaking Aggravated Speeding Lawyer saw how people who chose to represent themselves in court without an experienced attorney received jail time for aggravated speeding. Additionally, a person who received conviction for aggravated speeding could pay a hefty fine up to $2,500 and court costs. Next, the Secretary of State will receive information about driver’s conviction for aggravated speeding. This conviction will stay on the record for several years. That could result in the suspension of that person’s driver’s license. Finally, the conviction for aggravated speeding is a conviction in a criminal case. It will stay with the driver forever.

Court Supervision for Aggravated Speeding

Now, Illinois law allows a driver to receive the sentence of court supervision for aggravated speeding in some circumstances. First, the driver must have never been convicted or assigned court supervision for aggravated speeding in his life. Second, that driver cannot receive court supervision for aggravated speeding committed in an urban district, construction or school zone. Many times, Russian Speaking Aggravated Speeding Lawyer in Chicago managed to persuade prosecutors to reduce criminal aggravated speeding offenses to petty traffic offenses. Usually, a driver can receive court supervision to a petty traffic ticket. Of course, that required Russian Speaking Aggravated Speeding Lawyer in Chicago to zealously presenting the driver’s case to the prosecutor.

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