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Call Russian Speaking Retail Theft Attorney in Chicago to Avoid Tough Consequences of a Retail Theft Conviction

In Illinois, all major retail chains and small stores invested heavily in shoplifting detection. As a result, every single day, police officers arrest hundreds of people across Illinois for shoplifting If that happened to you and police arrested you for retail theft, you should immediately contact experienced Russian Speaking Retail Theft Attorney.

Retail Theft in Illinois

Illinois law determines retail theft as a separate criminal offense. 720 ILCS 5/16-25 has the lengthy definition of the offense of retail theft. To put it simple, retail theft is stealing of property from the store. Moreover, Illinois statute specifies specific situation when retail theft occur. First, the person commits the offense of retail theft when that person switches price tags. Second, an act of using a theft detection shielding device constitutes retail theft. Next, represents to a merchant that he or she is the lawful owner of the property that belongs to the store. This is not the full list of situations when a prosecutor can charge a person with retail theft.

Consequences of Retail Theft in Illinois

Keep in mind that Illinois law severely punishes people who steal from retailers. First, any retail theft charge is a class A misdemeanor. Thus, any shoplifting is a criminal offense in Illinois. It does not matter that a person tries to steal a chocolate. It is a criminal offense of a Class A Misdemeanor. All class A misdemeanors carry the maximum punishment of up to one year in jail and a huge fine. Second, a retail charge could be a felony. For example, if the person stole the property that has the full retail value of more than $300, the state can charge this person with a Class 3 Felony. Next, if you have any prior conviction for any type of a theft charge, you new offense of retail theft can be a felony.

Additional Consequences of Retail Theft Conviction

Of course, a retail theft charge could land you in jail. Moreover, collateral consequences of a retail theft conviction will stay with you for the rest of your life. In the first place, it will be hard for you to find a job. In general, employers do not like to hire people who may steal from them. Second, Illinois law allows the store to force you to pay civil damages. You could end up paying for the value of the items that you tried to steal or stole and attorney fees. Next, you will be prohibited to enter the store. Finally, any retail theft charge is a crime of “moral turpitude.” It is a deportable offense.

Russian Speaking Retail Theft Attorney Will Help You

Retail theft is one of the most embarrassing charges. However, it is extremely important to contact an experienced Russian speaking retail theft attorney as soon as possible. The first consultation is free and completely confidential. Nobody will know that you called.

Russian speaking retail theft attorney knows many ways to defend you against retail theft charges. First, there are different deferred prosecution programs available that could allow you to avoid a conviction. Next, Attorney Tikhvinskiy fully investigate your case. There could be defenses available. For example, mistake of fact or lack of intent. Every retail theft case is unique and there are a lot of ways to fight it. Do not want and call Russian Speaking Retail Theft Attorney at (804) 356-5602.