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Buffalo Grove Russian Speaking Bad Checks Defense Lawyer
Buffalo Grove Russian Speaking Bad Checks Defense Lawyer

In Illinois, it is a serious crime to knowingly give a person a worthless check as payment for goods or service.

First, 720 ILCS 5/17-1 defines what Unfair and Deceptive practices in Illinois are. For example, the offense of “Bad Checks” is an example of Unfair and Deceptive practices in Illinois. Specifically, 720 ILCS 5/17-1(B) explains what the crime of “Bad Checks” is. Usually, a person commits the crime of “Bad Checks” when that person writes a check while he or she does not have enough funds on the bank account. As a result, if a payee received a check back for insufficient funds or other account issues, the person who wrote that check could face criminal charges. Moreover, the same applies to cancelling payment on a check for the purpose of committing fraud.

Other Examples of Bad Checks Fraud Schemes.

Furthermore, you would commit a “Bad Check” offense if you do the following. First, if you attempt to write a check from a bank account that is closed. Second, if you write a forged check. Third, if you use, for example, your friend’s checking book if your friend does not know about it.

Illinois Law Severely Punishes People for Writing Bad Checks.

Regretfully, many people who write bad checks do not do it in bad faith. Usually, that means that they have no criminal intent when they have no criminal intent when making their payments. Often, alleged offenders forget that they do not have enough money on their accounts when they issue a check. Now, when people schedule automatic withdrawals from their bank account, that can happen to almost anybody. Moreover, shared checking accounts, delayed deposits, and a lot of other issues related to checking accounts can result in writing a bad check. However, still, prosecutors can charge you with a misdemeanor of a felony. That depends on the value of the bad check that you wrote. Generally speaking, a prosecutor will charge you with a felony if you wrote the check in the amount that exceeds $150.

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Above all, Buffalo Grove Russian Speaking Bad Checks Defense Lawyer understands that sometimes even good people write bad checks. However, that does not make you a bad person or a criminal! If the prosecutor charged you with the offense of Bad Checks, Chicago Bad Checks Criminal Defense Lawyer will know how to take necessary steps to prove that your innocence. For example, to find you guilty of the offense of Bad Checks, a prosecutor has to prove that your actions were intentional. On the contrary, if your actions were not intentional, you cannot be found guilty of this crime. Next, you could be a victim of identity theft. As a result, if another person was writing bad checks in your name, you should not be guilty of the offense of bad checks. However, it will be the job of Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Tikhvinskiy to prove that in court.

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Often, Buffalo Grove Russian Speaking Bad Checks Defense Lawyer can resolve your bad check problem by enrolling you in a Deferred Prosecution program. As a result, if you complete this program, the state’s attorney will dismiss charges against you. Thus, there will be no criminal record. Surely, if you think that you are a subject of a criminal investigation, call Buffalo Grove Russian Speaking Bad Checks Defense Lawyer for a free consultation. Always, call (312) 583-7345!

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