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Fleeing and Eluding Chicago Russian Speaking Attorney Tikhvinskiy
Fleeing and Eluding Chicago Russian Speaking Attorney Tikhvinskiy

If You Have Questions About Fleeing and Eluding, Call Fleeing and Eluding Chicago Russian Speaking Attorney Tikhvinskiy.

The first thing to remember, in Illinois, fleeing and eluding a policeman or other law enforcement officer is a crime. As a matter of fact, Fleeing and Eluding Chicago Russian Speaking Attorney Tikhvinskiy warns that eluding a peace officer could be a misdemeanor or a felony. Equally important that this crime endangers other drivers and pedestrians. Under those circumstances, police and prosecutors aggressively enforce fleeing and eluding criminal laws. Thus, if you are facing fleeing and eluding charges, Chicago criminal defense lawyer Tikhvinskiy can help you understand your legal rights and develop a successful defense strategy.

What Fleeing and Eluding Under Illinois Criminal Laws Is.

In the first place, a peace officer must order a driver to stop the car. The police officer may give this signal by hand, voice, siren, red, or blue lights. According to 625 ILCS 5/11-204, fleeing a peace officer happens when a peace officer shows a driver to stop, and the driver willfully does not do that. Secondly, fleeing a peace officer occurs when the driver increases his speed after the signal. Thirdly, fleeing a peace officer happens when the motorist turns off his or her lights. Finally, when a driver otherwise flees or attempts to elude the officer. Important to realize that sometimes a police officer may charge a driver with fleeing and eluding if that driver did not pull over fast enough.

Consequences of Fleeing and Eluding in Illinois.

Under 625 ILCS 5/11-204(a), fleeing and eluding is a Class A misdemeanor. In contrast, a third or subsequent violation of this Section is a Class 4 felony.

Collateral Consequences for Fleeing and Eluding.

In either case, if the court convicts you of fleeing and eluding, the Secretary of State will suspend your driver’s license for 6 months. Subsequently, the Secretary of state will suspend your license for 12 months if you receive a second conviction. Thus, it is extremely important to fight your charge of fleeing and eluding!

Your Defenses to Fleeing and Eluding a Police Officer.

If police arrested you for fleeing and eluding, Chicago criminal defense lawyer Tikhvinskiy will help build a tough defense against the charges brought against you. Firstly, if the officer did not wear a police uniform, you are not guilty. Secondly, peace officers should use illuminated oscillating, rotating or flashing red or blue lights to give a signal to stop. To speak with Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy regarding your case, call (312) 583-7345 now.

If the State Charged You or Your Loved One With Fleeing and Eluding, Call Chicago Fleeing and Eluding Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy.

If the state charged you with fleeing and eluding, call experienced criminal defense lawyer Tikhvinskiy. Firstly, he will provide an aggressive and strategic representation that you or your loved one need. Secondly, Chicago Fleeing and Eluding Russian Speaking Attorney Tikhvinskiy will thoroughly investigate your case to find weaknesses in the state’s case. As a result, he will build a strong and tough legal defense. Please, be sure and confident that if you hire Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy, you will receive outstanding legal representation and the State will hear your story. Call Chicago Russian Speaking Attorney Tikhvinskiy for a free consultation (312) 583-7345!

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