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Criminal Trespass Charges in Illinois

In Illinois, there are three types of criminal trespass charges. First, 720 ILCS 5/21-3prohibits criminal trespass to real property or land. Second, 720 ILCS 5/19-4punishes for criminal trespass to a residence. Finally, 720 ILCS 5/21-2makes criminal trespass to a vehicle illegal. Certainly, all those charges are criminal offenses.

Criminal Trespass to Land Explained by Russian Speaking Criminal Trespass Attorney in Chicago

720 ILCS 5/21-3has a lengthy list of situations when criminal trespass to land occurs. In general, criminal trespass to land happens when a person without a permission enters the land of another. For example, it happens when a person sees a “no trespassing” sign by the park but decides to enter anyway. Russian Speaking Criminal Trespass Attorney in Chicago warns that in Illinois owners can place purple marks on trees around their real property. Notably, this is similar to posting a “no trespassing” signs. Therefore, if you see purple marks or a “no trespass” sign, do not enter that property.

Next, criminal trespass to land occurs when an owner of the land asks the person to leave. However, that person refuses to do so. Additionally, it is criminal trespass to land knowingly and without lawful authority to enter and remain within or on a building. Thus, never enter abandoned buildings. It is a criminal offense to do that.

Criminal Trespass to Residence Explained by Russian Speaking Criminal Trespass Attorney in Chicago

First, a person commits criminal trespass to a residence when he or she enters a residence without permission. Unsurprisingly, criminal trespass to residence occurs more often in Chicago than in other counties. It happened because a lot of people live in apartments in Cook County. Often, landlords enter residents’ apartments without a proper notice. It is a crime in Illinois. If that happened to you, call Russian Speaking Criminal Trespass Attorney in Chicago. You could qualify for a hefty compensation from your landlord!

How Illinois Law Punishes for Criminal Trespass

In most cases, criminal trespass is a misdemeanor offense in Illinois. However, criminal trespass to a residence could be a felony as well. Russian Speaking Criminal Trespass Attorney in Chicago always explains to his client that any criminal conviction seriously affects the life of a person.

Successful Defense of Criminal Trespass Charges by the Experienced Russian Speaking Attorney

Regretfully, state charges a lot of good and law-abiding people with trespass. Often, people are not aware that they are trespassing. That happens when the owner did not post signs that gave a clear notice. This is a defense to criminal trespass charges. Additionally, there are other defenses available. Russian Speaking Criminal Trespass Attorney in Chicago will explain to you how they work.

Russian Speaking Criminal Trespass Attorney in Chicago handled criminal cases throughout many criminal courtrooms in Chicago and surrounding counties. He has experience that will allow you to resolve criminal trespass charges in Illinois. You can be sure that Attorney Tikhvinskiy will provide you with the high-quality criminal defense. Make a right chose and call Attorney Tikhvinskiy for a free and confidential consultation at (804) 356-5602.


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