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Buffalo Grove Russian Speaking Speeding Lawyer
Buffalo Grove Russian Speaking Speeding Lawyer

Buffalo Grove Russian Speaking Speeding Lawyer Will Fight Your Speeding Traffic Ticket.

First, Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy focuses on traffic offenses. Usually, every day, he helps people who receive speeding tickets in Illinois. As a result, Chicago School Zone Speeding Criminal Defense Lawyer Tikhvinskiy knows the law and the court rules. Therefore, he will present your school zone speeding case in a persuasive way. Certainly, you will hire and experienced criminal defense attorney who knows how to handle your situation. Most often, Buffalo Grove Russian Speaking Speeding Lawyer Tikhvinskiy will take care of your case without requiring you to go to court. Usually, it is a great benefit for a working person when a speeding ticket requires that person to appear in court during a business day.

Every single county in Illinois Takes School Zone Speeding Violations Very Seriously.

In the first place, politicians, police officers, judges and prosecutors are greatly concerned about children safety when they travel to and from school. In order to accomplish this goal, Illinois legislators created strict rules that drivers should follow in the places where are a lot of kids. Here, according to 625 ILCS 5/11-605, drivers cannot drive a motor vehicle at a speed in excess of 20 miles per hour while passing a school zone. As a result of this statute, drivers should expect higher than average fines if they drive fast in school zones. Therefore, if police pulled you over for speeding in a school zone, you should talk to Buffalo Grove Russian Speaking Speeding Lawyer as soon as possible. Remember, that could save you money!

Fight Your School Zone Speeding Ticket With the Help of Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Tikhvinskiy.

First thing to remember is that you should never pay your school zone speeding traffic ticket. Often, it is possible to fight your school zone speeding traffic ticket in court. Always, the state has to prove that you committed the offense of speeding in the school zone. First, the prosecutor has to prove that this violation happened in the school zone. 625 ILCS 5/11-605(a) clearly states that it is not apply if there is no appropriate sign. As a result, the prosecutor should show to court that there was a school zone sign that you could clearly see.

Police Cannot Issue You a School Zone Speeding Ticket at Night.

Second, in Illinois, school zones are in effect from 7 AM until 4 PM. Thus, if the officer gave you a School Zone Speeding Ticket for driving more than 20 MPH in a school zone at 4:01 PM, this traffic citation is invalid.

Children Should Present in the School Zone.

According to Illinois law, a police officer can issue you a traffic citation for school zone speeding only when children are present in the school zone. Very often, prosecutors struggle to prove this element of the offense in court. Usually, that happens because police officers disregard whether children are present or not when they issue traffic tickets for speeding in school zones. In theory, it means that you cannot get a traffic ticket, for example, at 12:00 AM when all children have lunch and there are no kids near the school. However, in reality, judges usually find drivers guilty even when there were no children present and there was no danger for them. Accordingly, to successfully fight your case, you will need the help of Buffalo Grove Russian Speaking Speeding Lawyer who is experienced in litigating drivers who received school zone speeding tickets.

Penalties for School Zone Speeding Tickets Explained by Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Tikhvinskiy.

It is crucial, that if you receive a school zone speeding ticket, you will not be able to get court supervision. As a result, any ticket for speeding in a school zone will result in a conviction. Accordingly, a driver cannot expunge those convictions from his or her driver’s records. Therefore, you will get points on your record. Thus, the Secretary of the State can suspend your driver’s license in the future.

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