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Looting Chicago Russian Speaking Attorney
Looting Chicago Russian Speaking Attorney

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Above all, people have the right to participate in peaceful protests and gatherings. Obviously, that allows people to hold politicians accountable for their actions. Moreover, this is how Democracy works. However, some people abuse their rights and freedoms during protests. As a result, some participants violate different laws during those protests. For example, sometimes, people engage in disorderly conduct. At the same time, some people commit more serious offenses. For instance, people break into stores, buildings, and apartments. Further, they steal different things and merchandise from there. Unquestionably, those people commit serious offenses. Looting Chicago Russian Speaking Attorney warns that police officers take those offenses seriously.

Looting Chicago Russian Speaking Attorney Warns That Looting Is a Criminal Offense.

As a matter of fact, 720 ILCS 5/25-4, defines looting is a criminal offense. Specifically, looting in Illinois is a Class 4 Felony criminal offense. Firstly, looting is an offense that affects public health, safety, and decency. Secondly, looting is a part of Article 25 of the Illinois Criminal Code. In fact, Article 25 of Illinois Criminal Code punishes for mob action and related offenses.

How Illinois Law Defines the Criminal Offense of Looting.

Especially, under 720 ILCS 5/25-4, a person commits looting when he or she knowingly without the authority of law or the owner enters any home or dwelling or upon any premises of another, or enters any commercial, mercantile, business, or industrial building, plant, or the establishment, in which normal security of property is not present by virtue of a hurricane, fire, or vis major of any kind or by virtue of a riot, mob, or other human agency, and obtains or exerts control over property of the owner. Of course, this is a long legal definition of the offense. In contrast, Looting Chicago Russian Speaking Attorney Tikhvinskiy will break it in several parts for you.

Looting Means Entering the Premises of Anther.

Firstly, to commit looting, a person has to enter a building. To illustrate, a person has to enter any store, house, apartment, shop, restaurant, coffee-shop, gas station, liquor store, factory, assembling plant, warehouse, or storage. Second, that person should take something from that place. The first thing to remember, that the price of the thing does not matter. Thus, if you take a pack of gum from a broken store, the State can still charge you with felony looting. Finally, this building should be opened or unsecured because of some kind of an emergency. Undeniably, Illinois law considers riots as an emergency.

How Looting Is Different From Burglary.

Previously, Chicago Russian speaking criminal defense attorney explained what burglary is. As I have said, burglary is breaking and entering into another person’s property with plans to commit theft or another crime. Thus, burglary is very similar to looting. Therefore, usually, a person who commits looting also commits burglary. As a matter of fact, the State charges people with looting and burglary at the same time.

Collateral Consequences of Looting.

Must be remembered, that usually you cannot commit only looting. Often, you commit other offense when you engage in looting. Firstly, burglary. Secondly, criminal damage to property. Thirdly, arsons, mob actions, theft, aggravated fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer. Finally, looting is always a felony. As a matter of fact, you cannot expunge your felony conviction. Important to realize, that your felony conviction will stay with you forever. Additionally, a person who is guilty of looting will have to perform at least 100 hours of community service. Finally, a person who is guilty of looting will pay the restitution to the owner of the property looted.

Chicago Russian Speaking Criminal Defense Attorney Tikhvinskiy Will Fight for You!

Always, Chicago Russian speaking criminal defense attorney Tikhvinskiy works diligently to create the best defense in your criminal case. In the first place, Chicago Russian speaking criminal defense attorney Tikhvinskiy investigates your case and assess the evidence that the State will use against you. Next, Chicago criminal defense attorney Tikhvinskiy will aggressively attach each element of the crime. Moreover, there are defenses that could be available for you. Chicago criminal defense attorney Tikhvinskiy’s goal is to have your drug looting case dismissed or won. Call (312) 583-7345. The first consultation is always free and 100% confidential!

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