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In Illinois, police officers and prosecutors take domestic violence allegations extremely seriously. As a Chicago Russian Speaking Criminal Defense attorney, I represented people who were surprised that even taking a mobile phone from his spouse constitutes domestic battery in Illinois.

First, police officers investigate any types of domestic violence accusations, even the minor ones. Second, when police officers respond for a domestic violence incident, they anticipate that they will arrest somebody on the scene. In most cases, police officers arrest people solely upon statements of an alleged victim or eyewitness. They could arrest a completely innocent person based on false allegations.

Finally, prosecutors almost never drop domestic violence. They will prosecute you even if the alleged victim does not want to press charges. If the alleged victim does not show for trial, prosecutors could ask the judge to issue the arrest warrant and to bring the alleged victim to testify! Prosecutors don’t care about the story of the accused person.

If you have been accused of domestic violence in Illinois, you may be facing time in jail or prison. You will have to pay high fines and engage in treatment or counselling. You could be kicked out from your house and lose your kids. A domestic violence conviction will stay on your criminal record forever and will destroy your reputation and life.

Additionally, domestic violence is an offense of “moral turpitude” or a deportable offense. That means that a permanent resident who is guilty of domestic battery will be deported from the United States.

Russian Speaking Attorney Maksim Tikhvinskiy handled a lot of misdemeanor and felony domestic battery cases. He understands that alleged victims very often lie or exaggerate the facts. Sometimes, alleged victims even blackmail their clients.

If you are charged with a domestic violence crime in Illinois, you should immediately call Russian Speaking Attorney Maksim Tikhvinskiy to schedule a free consultation to avoid terrible consequences of domestic battery conviction.